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Barns – 14

June 24, 2011

We just came back from a short trip to Ithaca NY. From our house it is a little over 4 hours each way. As we continue on the college trail, we took our son to see Ithaca College. He really liked the school so it was a good trip. Now we live in Fairfield County Connecticut, a very suburban area. When I think of NY, I think of New York City and Westchester County. My first thoughts are never of farms. Well this image is quite common on the way to Ithaca.

Ithaca itself ranked  as the #1 “Best College Town” (under 250,000 pop.) by American Institute for Economic Research, Sept. ‘10. I must add that Cornell University is also located there.


Silhouette – 263

June 21, 2011

This past winter I took this photo of Canada Geese on the ice. It was early morning and the sun was behind them. Recently I took and then bought an online class using Textures by Doug Landreth on CreativeLive. His work is amazing (in my humble opinion).   (He has some instructional videos on

The following image is my attempt to apply what I learned in that class.


Chairs – 42

June 20, 2011

This past weekend we went to the Boston area to visit my younger brother and his family. While there we visited Northeastern University. My son, who will be entering his senior in high school in the fall, is looking at colleges. All over campus they have these Adirondack chairs painted bright colors. For a school in Boston it has a very nice campus.

I do feel bad for kids applying to colleges today. Northeastern’s freshmen class is 2800. This past year they had 47,000 applications. They accepted just under 35%. In the past few years there seems to have have been a veritable explosion in college applications!

Free Theme

June 13, 2011

I had to include this photo. I did not take it. My granddaughter, who will be three in a few weeks, took her mother’s camera and took a picture of herself. She knew what she was doing. Now if she will eliminate the movement….


Garden – 192

June 13, 2011

This past weekend we checked out a local family’s rose garden that was highlighted in the local paper. They open their garden to the public for two weekends a year. What a lovely place to visit!


Motion Blur – 249 II

June 5, 2011


Wanted to include another photo from yesterday’s photos. The settings were the same as the prior image except the focal length was 90mm. In both shots I used a tripod.

Motion Blur – 249

June 4, 2011

This morning I dropped my son off for the SATs. I then went to my favorite local park. My goal was to take photos of the moving water. It was slightly overcast which helped. I used a polarizer filter on to help reduce the amount of light coming in the lens.My settings: an F-stop of 32, ISO – 200, focal length- 220mm and a shutter speed of 2 secs.